How to build recurring income? Read this text and you'll know!

When you’re starting your own business, you want to make sure it will pay off. Building recurring income is a dream come true for everyone who is working on his own. Of course, you need to know that this is a rocky road and every recurring income has different guideline for success. But, there are few things in common for each business of this kind. So, let’s reveal them!

Building recurring income: How to guide

  • Do what you love – Okay, this sentence is so cliche, but you need to consider it while deciding what will your business be. If you choose something you don’t love because you think that it can pay off, you might quit before it happens. So, by choosing something you care for, you will stay motivated to make it happen!
  • Take notes and plan every detail – It’s recommended to own a notebook (or a folder in your computer if you’re not that old school). And in that notebook/folder keep everything important to your process of building recurring income. Also, planning is an essential part of it. You will need to plan every single detail of that process. Financial part, time table, resources… Everything. It will make the job easier!
  • Take time – Don’t rush! You need to know that it’s a slow process and it won’t happen overnight. So, if you have your regular job, don’t quit it, continue with it until you see the results of your own business. Building recurring income is a long run and you need to know that before starting it. That’s why tip number one and two make sense. But, this can be a good thing – if you realise that something’s not quite right, you can easily change it. This process is full of changes and adaptation (opposite cases are really rare) and it’s important to deal with it and to embrace it!
  • Seek for help – If you’re business is developing, it might need some help from people around you. Ask them to review your business – that can be very helpful. Don’t despair if they criticize you, it’s for your own good. Also, if needed, ask for a professional help. But, do it only with well known sources, you don’t need some frauds around you.
  • Maintain contacts – Really important (actually, everything is)! It’s normal that you can’t do it all alone, so different people and all kinds of contacts are really desirable and needed.

Can you build recurring income now?


If, after reading this text, you decided that you can’t do it, that’s okay. We can still suggest you to try with some online jobs to see how it works. Freelancing jobs can be found at UpWork. There’s a really big number of jobs and offers. Also, tutoring people online on is an interesting work if you have any skill. And there are always easy and cool ones, like selling your pictures on Foam or filling paid surveys on MetroOpinion.


But, if you still want to build recurring income (Yey!), then apply these tips and have fun in that process. Learn from it and grow simultaneously with your business!