Ways to earn money as a student

Being a student is wonderful. You have a lot of free time, surrounded by friends and colleagues, having fun… But, students often need extra cash. So, in this text you will find out some of the ways to earn money as a student! Of course, we will talk about part-time ways to earn, because we know you’re not available all day long. So, here we go!

Earn money as a student: Ways and tips

Students usually have their own favourite hobbies and interests. So, based on it you can choose a way to make some cash. We’ll show you few totally different ways to earn money as a student so you can choose easily:

  1. If you enjoy photographing – Than apps like Foam and sites like Shutterstock are the thing for you! Here you get to post your own captured images and sell them. So you post travelling pictures or any artistic image and wait for someone to buy it. Companies and individuals often need images so they might buy yours. When they do, you get the money, they get the rights for the photo and that’s it!
  2. If you have anything to sell – So, eBay is the main thing if you got anything to sell. Really, anything! So you can clean up your home in your spare time and separate everything you’re not using anymore. Photograph it and post it online so people could see it. And that’s basically it! Wait for it and when it’s sold, you get the cash.
  3. If you love typing – If you don’t mind to spend couple of minutes daily by typing your opinion on stuff, then try with filling paid surveys. Surveys are always fun, especially when you get money for doing them! Online you can find lot of sites this type but some of them might be scam sites. So be careful! Try with MetroOpinion or iPoll, register and wait for e-mail with available surveys for you!
  4. Play games online – This one is for gaming lovers – you can play games online and earn cash! Of course, those are not your favourite games but it’s still pretty amazing to play arcade games at your spare time and make money. Earning money as student has never been so easy!
  5. Review websites – So, this one is pretty common when we’re talking about new websites. Visit UserTesting and you’ll be offered to test few sites for cash. It will take you less than 30 minutes per site and it’s not hard at all. You just need to check out if the site is easy to navigate and intuitive. Cool and simple way to earn as a student!

Hey students, you can earn money online easy!

So, there you have it! 5 ways to earn money as a student revealed and explained. They are all easy, won’t take you much time or effort and they are fun also! But if you have time for some serious jobs, you could find them online, too. It’s important to have good will and persistence and you can do it all!