Wondering how students can earn money? Check out the ways!

Although students can’t work full-time, they often search for alternative ways to earn at their spare time. If you’re one of them, we have some good news – we’re bringing you some of the ways how student can earn money! We’ll talk about online ways mostly because they will be easy and interesting to you. Also, after a hard day on college/school, you don’t need difficult job, too.

How students can earn money?

  1. Review music for cash – Online you can find websites where you get to review unknown artists and producers (and earn money for each review). That’s amazing because you listen to some new music, share your opinion on it and also earn! Besides reviewing music, you can review apps or websites.
  2. Fill out paid surveys – Another interesting way for students to earn money. It’s easy, fun and won’t take you much time. Go to sites for paid surveys like MetroOpinion, register and type details about yourself. After that, wait for available surveys, fill them and earn money!
  3. Sell course books online – You don’t use old books from school/university, right? Well, sell them! Online you can find sites where course books are buying and selling. You could also do a small trick: buy books from your friends at the end of the school year and sell them to new students at the beginning of new school year! You’ll pay them less and sell them for more money, so you can earn easily!
  4. Making and selling crafts – If you are creative, try this one! Etsy is an amazing website where you can share and sell your handmade crafts. It’s cool and you can make anything (and sell it, of course)!
  5. “Get Paid To” websites – So, when you’re a student, you don’t have much free time. GPT sites offer you to do simple tasks and you get paid for it! GetPaidTo.com is only one of those websites, and you can do things like watching ads, videos, playing games, web research… And, it’s all paid!

Oh, that’s how students can earn money!


Now you know some of the ways how students can earn money! As you can tell, they are pretty much simple and won’t take you much of your free time. You just need to remember to do it every day and at the end of the month, you’ll have your own pocket money!